Isolated and Unchanged

by grandcontainer

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Recorded spring and summer of 2005 at Saddle Hill Recordings in Elba, AL.


released July 5, 2005

Written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Lee Scarborough.
Photo by Anna McRae.


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grandcontainer Alabama

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Track Name: Sad Bastard
Inside this self there are many things too flawed. Some of which I haven't seen 'til now. Frame my response for anytime you want. You can hang it and observe all the tears. Same when the wall comes down. It's the same when the wall comes down for all your tears. Inside a fear it's lonely there but clear. A solitary battle to lose. Time to beat this hold.
Track Name: Life Buzzes
Hey girl you'd be too much for me. We wouldn't know what to do. You non-stop, the going-ons. Me too quiet, too weird. Common friends. All the phones. Life buzzes. A spark and flash. We had cooties, now they know. Everybody knows what I'm saying. They know you better than I do. I've heard things. I can kind of see it.
Track Name: Gourds
This path was wronged by little horns. Tearing confidence barely worn. My words can only stretch so far. And they proved to not stretch far at all. It's crazy how many reminders of you I see a day. I want to lose them all. I don't want to know. This path is steering to a close. It's not from my will, but there it goes. Your self has never lost its ring, I've only respected another's need.
Track Name: Ribbit
A great day for nothing, sunny and hot. An itchy head and shirtless, what will I do? Swimming's fun. Headstand. Breast stroke. Belle barks, Kudra swims. I could just play with them. Tiny brings 'squitoes though I've noticed. I'd roll around with them, dodge the doo-doo. It's lunch time. Sandwich time. Then it's night. A good supper, now a milkshake. No one's called. Frogs ribbit, ribbit....again.
Track Name: The Fleet
Through every day and night you are here, here, and here. And nothing is therapeutic. I won't say much more because this is new only to me. I wish I could be a dog. I wish I could be a dog. Now that you're older, lose control. Not that you ever had it. Just bounce around in life, into one and into another. So that's you.
Track Name: Forgotten About
I've been thinking...You don't need me 'cause you don't see me. And I've been shut out. I've been thrown out. I've been forgotten. I've been forgotten about. I don't know about your new friends. I don't know about those me. Welcome your face into my past. Welcome your things into my past. Welcome your name into my past. Welcome our time.
Track Name: Enter The Kudra
My favorite time is all the time. Not even sleep can slow me down. I smile as I pass the door. Look at me now. Let me in. Don't you see me here? I am waiting. All my friends send me away. I'll sit by you through the night. I put on a great big show, but all I want is out the door. Go for a ride? Ready to go.
Track Name: An Old Fella
'Cause I'm just an old fella who loves sittin' on the side walk next to the dusty street in the heat of the summer. The kids don't talk to me. They swear I'm crazy. I'd like to tell them to take it easy. Every morning's the same for me. The bed sheets have fallen off of me. Just enough light to make it to the bathroom. Everything's glowing. The sun is now showing. And everything makes perfect sense to me. 'Cause I'm just an old fella who loves sittin' on the side walk waving at the traffic as it rolls by in front of me. Now Chuck, he speaks to me. I think he's a good man. He runs the store good. I like the smell. I sit around, foreign me. I'm older.
Track Name: Blow
Blow your heat, your insecurities, up high out of that demanding hole in your face. This is a friend to which I will speak. A disappointment it will have to be. I don't see this lasting long. I don't see this going far. And what is fair? We both do our thing. And so who cares? When we do our thing. Good bye.

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